About us



Founded in 1999, Net Professionals offers a range of professional services in the fields of IT infrastructure, IT consulting and software

We offer specialised IT services and solutions to support our customers in the operation, planning and construction of their IT infrastructure.


Employing only experienced and highly qualified staff, we are experts in network, security, operating environments and storage technologies. This expertise enables us to develop personalised solutions to ensure your business goals are met/achieved.

Our experienced, dedicated and highly qualified employees are crucial to our performance in the demanding environment of IT projects.


Quality is an integral part of our ethos. In order to ensure this remains so, we have adopted quality control procedures that constantly monitor and evaluate our performance. Positive and negative customer feedback is encouraged and always acted upon to ensure we can guarantee our customers the highest quality possible, in both performance and product.

The experience gained through countless successful migrations and successfully managed projects will be available to you when you choose Net Professionals for your next system migration.


We can currently list more than 40 companies as our customers, ranging from SMEs to large corporations such as Honda and Fujifilm.



Our mission:

Optimal support and advice for you, our customers.
Implementation of your requirements using state-of-the-art technology


The relationship to our customers:

We aim to build and maintain long term partnerships with our customers through cooperation and the implementation of the best, most sustainable solutions.


Our strengths:

  • In-depth technical and organizational know-how in all the main business critical areas of IT. Practical experience gained through many successful and wide ranging projects.
  • The holistic perspective on operating solutions/infrastructure and software development.
  • We place great emphasis on finding the correct, sustainable solution for all the challenges faced by our customers and we take pride in implementing these solutions effectively and efficiently.
  • Direct customer service. All of our, customers have a dedicated contact who will quickly and competently respond to any enquiry you may have.
  • Highly qualified, experienced and motivated staff
  • Personal and tailored customer care.
  • The right solution for your requirements, your system environment, your budget
  • The right technology without vendor lock and without technical “Vanities” and technology “infatuation”
  • Our customers and their solutions are our main focus


Our business areas:

  • IT infrastructure support (total support management for our customer’s IT infrastructure)
  • Hosting (Hosted SharePoint, Web Hosting, Hosted Exchange, Online Backup)
  • IT-Consulting (Audits, Assessments, etc.)
  • Software Development/Maintenance/Integration


We also have expertise in the following areas:

  • IBM AS400/iSeries
  • Lotus Notes / Domino
  • Software integration projects in complex, growing, heterogeneous systems
  • E-government, e-delivery, digital signature, citizen card