Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup – effective security for your data!

Efficient cloud backup from Net Professionals keeps your data secure – guaranteed! We use state-of-the-art encryption technology to store the entire data stock of your company with the greatest possible protection over the Internet on one of our servers. The automatic transmission of the compressed data is regular and reliable: In case of emergency you have a current backup of all information available at any time. Learn more about this advanced cloud service of Net Professionals GmbH from Wiener Neudorf!

Your data is stored via a secure Internet connection outside your company.

  • Automatically
  • Compressed
  • Encrypted


Packages and prices

Storage Expense Price per additional GB
5 GB € 10 € 2
10 GB € 15 € 1,50
50 GB € 65 € 1,30
100 GB € 100 € 1
200 GB € 160 € 0,80

Mailbox backup per mailbox € 1


Calculation examples

Example 1:
You have a server with 14 GB of data you want to save:
10 GB basic package + 4 GB extra for € 1,50 per GB total cost € 21 per month.

Example 2:
You want to back up a computer with 60 GB of data:
50 GB basic package + 10 GB extra for € 1,30 per GB total cost € 78 per month.


Prices per month, excluding VAT. Setup and software license costs included in the monthly fee.
The fee will be raised monthly in advance by invoice. For packages of 5 GB and 10 GB the fee will be paid annually.

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The Cloud Backup: your catastrophe insurance

No matter how well secured your company’s IT infrastructure is: a fire or flood can cause many or even all of the stored data to be lost. The danger of a hacker attack must not be underestimated in any case. Cybercrime is a real threat – for large corporations as well as for medium-sized businesses and individuals. Many criminal hackers have specialized in hijacking IT from companies to encrypt the data stored there. Then the affected company is blackmailed: Only against the payment of a “ransom”, the hacker picks up the encryption.

However, cloud backup from Net Professionals eliminates the need to fear the threats outlined above. Whether conflagration or cyberattack, the backup of your data remains untouched: your data is safe!

Your backup with regular update

Already at your company, the data is encrypted and then transferred via a secure Internet connection to one of our servers in Vienna or Wiener Neudorf. This process is much safer and more cost effective than using backup tapes or removable disks for backup creation. Because the tapes or plates would have to be elaborately protected by you. These methods are also time-consuming and labor-intensive if the backups are always to be updated. The cloud backup of Net Professionals, however, updates itself at regular intervals. Since the servers used are also physically separate from your company headquarters, you can rest assured that the stored data – as an offsite backup – is always well protected.

Find out more about our website now or contact us for a free first consultation on this topic. Whatever happens, with a cloud backup your data is as secure as in Abraham’s lap!

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Backup as a Service (BaaS) is a data protection approach that involves backup and recovery as services from an external provider. Instead of storing data locally in a centralized data center on the company premises, BaaS systems store the backups in a private, public or hybrid cloud that is managed externally.

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