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Die Vorteile bei einem Cloud Backup

Take advantage of cloud backup from Net Professionals and play it safe with your data. Using a sophisticated encryption technology, your entire database is stored online on our server, so you can not be harmed by water damage, fire and other disasters. An cloud backup is also very useful because you do not have to buy expensive hardware to secure your data. So that you have an exact overview of how useful a backup on the Internet is, we would like to demonstrate on this page the numerous advantages and features. Take your time and inform yourself!

Profit from Cloud Backup

Have you had sleepless nights recently, because you always have in mind that something could happen to your sensitive corporate data? Then these thoughts are now a thing of the past. The benefits of a cloud backup become clear when you look at the following list:

Data will remain available in the event of, amongst other situations, fire, theft, flood
No unauthorized access as the data is encrypted on your system before it is backed up on to the online server via a secure internet connection
No operational activities necessary
Daily status message to inform you that the backup was successful
No investment in hardware for backup drives
Low data transfer through In-File Delta, it transmits only the changes that have been made to data since the previous backup
Backed up files are compressed and transmitted through a 128-bit encrypted line
Encrypting the files with 128-bit encryption using Twofish, Triple DES or AES Encrytion
Start the backup when ever you want
Detailed backup reports via e-mail, including a list of transferred / changed files


An overview of the key features of our online backups:

Full support of Microsoft Exchange including individual mailboxes
Choice between incremental, differential or full backup
Volume Shadow Copy on Windows allows backup of currently opened files
In-File Delta backup only backs up the changes since the last backup
Off-line Backup possible
Freely configurable backup schedules
Automatic compression and encryption of data before it is sent to the backup server
Support for full and incremental backup for Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Oracle
Access to backup data at any time via our secure web interface is possible
Clear Backup Reports are automatically sent after each backup operation to your e-mail address
Simple selection of data to be stored by backup filter, eg all * .doc (Word) or .xls (Excel) files
Possibility to run any Operating System commands before and after backup
Functional support for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, NetWare, Unix and other platforms, which support the Java 2 Runtime Environment

Would you like to secure your data in full? If you want to learn more about the benefits of Net Professionals cloud backup, we are here to help! Contact us!

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