How is my data stored?

Your data is encrypted on your computer and transmitted in encrypted form to our data center. Additionally, we back up the data from our data center in Wiener Neudorf to our second data center.


Can anyone else access my data?

Your data is encrypted by an encryption algorithm, only you will know your password. Only with this password can your data be decrypted and accessed. It is important therefore that you keep your password secure at all times.


How can I access my data?

You can access the data with both the software that you will have installed locally on your computer, and through web access.


Which operating systems are supported?

Our Online Backup supports Windows from version 95, Linux and Unix systems as well as Mac OS X and Novell Netware.


How often is my data stored?

You can change the interval between backups yourself with the choice of backing up the data daily, weekly, monthly or at any other point in time. We would recommend however that you back up your data daily.

How quickly my Internet should be?

Basically, you can operate the online backup using any internet connection. However, if you have large amounts of data, a broadband line such as ADSL / xDSL / cable is recommend.


Will I be informed about backup processes?

You will receive an automatically generated email with a report of your backup operations and details of the changes to your data.


Which data will be backed up?

You can define which folders you want to save on your computer.


Which Server services can be additionally secured?

The following server services and databases are supported: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Oracle database server, MySQL database server, Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes, System State, Microsoft Exchange Mail Level Backup


Can I change my package at any time?

You can change your package, as well as adding any additional GB memory free of charge at any time.