Why an online backup?

Low operational cost:

Backup systems with tape drives are very high-maintenance. Frequently there will not be enough time to monitor the backup and carry it out. Accordingly this can lead to times when there is absolutely no backup of a company’s system. By contrast, offsite backup runs automatically and requires no user intervention.


Data will also be available in times of disaster:

If data is stored only within the confines of a company’s own office building, there could be events, for example fire, flood or theft, that result in data being irretrievably lost.  By contrast, the offsite backup solution ensures that even in such cases, your data will still be available.



When data is swapped to removable disks or backup tapes, there is a risk that unauthorized persons could access the data, whether at the company site or on the way to an off-site location.  By contrast, it is impossible for unauthorized persons to access your data through our offsite backup solution.  This is because the data is encrypted on your system before it is transmitted, over a secure Internet connection, to the backup server.



Tape drives, tapes and staff are very costly. With an offsite backup solution you can save up to 60% of the running costs.