Do I need my own domain?

Option 1:
Use your own existing domain or
Option 2:
Use the domain of Net Professionals (eg mail_address@mycompany.ex1.at)


What do I need in order to be able to access my mailbox?

  1. Existing Internet connection.
  2. Internet browser (eg Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome), Microsoft Outlook, Entourage, Smartphone “ActiveSync”.


The connection to the Hosted-Exchange-Server is done via the Internet. Is this safe?

Yes, the data is transferred exclusively via a secure and encrypted connection.


If I am away I may need to divert my messages to another e-mail address. Is that possible?

Yes, you simply need to enable the redirection option in Outlook WebApp.


How do i switch to Hosted Exchange with Netprofessionals?

This process is simple and straight forward:

  1. Simply fill out the order form in the section Hosted Exchange / order.
  2. Your mail accounts will be created on Hosted Exchange Mail Server.
  3. Update the MX record of a domain on the Hosted Exchange Server at Net Professionals.
  4. Configure your Mailclient (eg. Outlook) for the access to our Hosted Exchange Mailserver.


I want to switch to Hosted Exchange with NetProfessionals, will I lose my existing mailbox (mail, contacts, calendar)?

If you are not currently using Exchange Server:

  1. You will be advised how to set up your email account by one of the Net Professionals support team.
  2. Import your existing mailbox in accordance with these instructions.

If you are already using Exchange Server:

  1. Export your existing mailbox from Outlook in accordance with these instructions.
  2. Set up your email account according in accordance with the instructions received from your Net Professionals Support technician.
  3. Import your existing mailbox.


I have tested the Hosted Exchange at NetProfessionals and would like to order now. Will my mailbox with my e-mails, contacts and calendar still exist?

Very simple answer is Yes.


Reseller Conditions.

The reseller conditions can be requested directly from support@netprofessionals.at.

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