Advantages & Features

Benefits of Online Backups at a glance:

check-smaller  Data will remain available in the event of, amongst other situations, fire, theft, flood
check-smaller  No unauthorized access as the data is encrypted on your system before it is backed up on to the online server via a secure internet connection
check-smaller  No operational activities necessary
check-smaller  Daily status message to inform you that the backup was successful
check-smaller  No investment in hardware for backup drives
check-smaller  Low data transfer through In-File Delta, it transmits only the changes that have been made to data since the previous backup
check-smaller  Backed up files are compressed and transmitted through a 128-bit encrypted line
check-smaller  Encrypting the files with 128-bit encryption using Twofish, Triple DES or AES Encrytion
check-smaller  Start the backup when ever you want
check-smaller  Detailed backup reports via e-mail, including a list of transferred / changed files
check-smaller  Volume Shadow Copy on Windows XP / Vista / 7/2003/2008 also secures files that are in use


An overview of the key features of our online backups:

check-smaller  Full support of Microsoft Exchange including individual mailboxes
check-smaller  Choice between incremental, differential or full backup
check-smaller  Volume Shadow Copy on Windows allows backup of currently opened files
check-smaller  In-File Delta backup only backs up the changes since the last backup
check-smaller  Off-line Backup possible
check-smaller  Freely configurable backup schedules
check-smaller  Automatic compression and encryption of data before it is sent to the backup server
check-smaller  Support for full and incremental backup for Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Oracle
check-smaller  Access to backup data at any time via our secure web interface is possible
check-smaller  Clear Backup Reports are automatically sent after each backup operation to your e-mail address
check-smaller  Simple selection of data to be stored by backup filter, eg all * .doc (Word) or .xls (Excel) files
check-smaller  Possibility to run any Operating System commands before and after backup
check-smaller  Functional support for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, NetWare, Unix and other platforms, which support the Java 2 Runtime Environment

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