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Company J. Faber GmbH:

We use the online backup and are very satisfied. Previously we had a lot of problems with our tape drive backups. With the online backup solution we are able to secure our data simply and quickly.
Josef Faber, CEO


Company Servotel:

The external solution to our backup plan brought us three major advantages. Firstly, a cost saving when considered against the in-house solution, when the acquisition, maintenance and operation of tape drives was accounted for. Secondly, the issue of data security particularly in the event of a disaster situation. Third, the solution offers greater flexibility, if additional storage is required it is easily obtained.
Patrick Heissenberger, CEO


Company Kubicek Otto:
Thanks for the simple deployment of online backup and the rapid assistance when answering our questions.
Friedrich Koller, CEO


Company Goya:
Previously, we required a safety deposit box to ensure that no one had access to the data that was backed up our backup tapes. Thanks to the online backups, we now have our data encrypted and it is stored away from our office.

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