Hosted Lotus Notes / Domino

Hosted Lotus Notes / Domino – continue to use existing applications without their own infrastructure

  • Austrian support
  • Encrypted connection
  • Austrian data center


Lotus Notes or IBM Notes is a document-oriented, distributed database system with a very narrow e-mail connection. With a wide range of access options, you have a clear overview of what is happening in the company from any location in the world and of course you can work from any location. Net Professionals provides you with a server that is compatible with almost all end devices without additional server costs.


Hosted Lotus Notes / Domino hosted in our data center

There are many good reasons to speak for a hosted IBM Notes:

  • A dedicated Domino server is always associated with more work and costs, such as maintenance, license costs, electricity costs, etc.
  • If you have no know-how internally, for example because the administrator left your company.
  • You want to be in a secure data center in which your data is redundant and regularly backed up.


Work independently thanks to Hosted Lotus Notes / Domino

The flexible system of IBM Notes enables extensive databases. Any file attachments can be stored. Standard applications in Notes are a mail database and calendar and task management. All databases can be operated via the Notes client and web browser. The development of own applications is possible with the Domino Designer.

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