Hosted Sharepoint

Access to shared documents, files and projects to improve the teamwork in your company. We will gladly to help you!

  • austrian support
  • no setup fee
  • encrypted connection
  • austrian data center
  • available on all devices


Packages & Prices

Sharepoint Standard Sharepoint Premium
Storage space 2 GB 4 GB
User 10 20
autom. Backup
unlimited traffic
2 month free trial access
7 days / 24 hours access
Access through the Internetbrowser
NPro SSL Certificate
NPro SSL certificate is the use of an existing certificate from Net Professionals, when accessed via a subdomain of Net Professionals takes place (eg
Expense € 18,90 € 34,90


Additional memory / GB € 6,00
10 User additionally € 6,00
Private SSL certificate
Private SSL certificate: The price includes the provision of the provided by the client certificate on SharePoint Server
€ 5,00

Price per month, exkluding tax, valid from 01.06.2018. The accounting is done annually.

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Microsoft SharePoint is the leading platform for secure and flexible communication, collaboration and organization in companies. Hosted SharePoint is reachable at different locations, different devices (smartphones, notebooks, ultrabooks, Tower PC, Tablets, etc.).

In addition, Microsoft Hosted SharePoint work perfectly with all standard Microsoft Office packets together. In fact of the compatibility the direct work with documents through Sharepoint is no longer a problem. For efficient work, Microsoft Sharepoint is one important and widespread product.

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