Optimized backup for businesses

To ensure that none of your data is ever lost or compromised, your entire IT infrastructure will be backed up to our data centre.

Thus, you can immediately access your backup data if any disaster happen. In a company data are the most important thing. From employee data to sensitive customer data, invoices, contracts etc.

Data loss would be disastrous and very costly. Back up all documents and files to save it.

Thanks to our backup system that has been optimized directly for businesses, you need not worry about any data loss. You have deleted a file accidentally? Thanks to the backup no problem, please contact us.

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Professional backup service for all industries

Unpredictable things that make data unavailable on a grand scale can do a great deal of damage. Therefore, companies of all sizes should always have Plan B in their drawer. Experience shows that you play it safe with a regular backup. And anyone looking for an excellent backup service with a wealth of experience in this matter has found the ideal partner in Net Professionals. Even if, for example, a fire breaks out in your company building overnight and damages all EDP equipment, you can immediately access your backup data center at Net Professionals in case of emergency. From employee to sensitive customer data, invoices and contracts – in a business, all of this data is the be-all and end-all that needs to be protected at all costs. Data loss is usually fatal and very costly. Therefore, back up all documents and files or have it backed up by us.

Securing data effectively

Thanks to our backup system, which has been specially optimized for companies, you do not have to worry about any data loss. Be it a hacker attack, a flood, a fire or if you have unintentionally deleted a file – thanks to backup your data and documents are safe! If you want to know more about it, do not hesitate to contact us. We are there for you and advise you in detail by phone and e-mail.