Server Virtualization

Virtualization is an abstract concept, in which the operating system is separated from the physical hardware which allows for greater flexibility and better utilization of resources.

Through virtualizing servers, you can consolidate your server hardware and exploit the hardware resources optimally through system resources on the specific needs to be assigned. Through centralized administration and monitoring, the virtual server provides you with a simplified management system that can also improve server speed and functionality.

The cloud services of Net Professionals are at your disposal. Through our high-performance servers, we are the specialized server virtualization service provider in Vienna and throughout Austria!

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Server virtualization – your partner near Vienna

The Net Professionals GmbH is ready if you want to use a “virtual machine” (VM) for your company. Server virtualization – whether in Vienna or any other city in the Republic – brings you countless advantages. State-of-the-art network technology enables you to use our high-performance computers in Vienna and Wiener Neudorf for the operation of any number of virtual systems.

The keyword “Server Virtualization” stands for optimal hardware usage: System resources are assigned exactly according to concrete needs thanks to the Hosted Virtual Server. Due to the central administration and monitoring of all machines, a simplified system management is available which makes all required server functions quickly accessible.

You effectively save manpower, costs and time as the care and maintenance of the servers are handled by your experienced service provider. Net Professionals has years of experience with VMware projects. Benefit from our know-how: Hosted Virtual Servers are the modern way of using storage space and computing capacity efficiently!



Server Virtualization – you benefit in many ways

If you make the idea of server virtualization the project of the next process optimization in your company, your company will profit on several levels. First of all, the conversion to Virtual Server brings with it a huge amount of physical space. Likewise, the maintenance intensity is significantly lower, since no longer countless individual systems must be monitored and managed.

However, the use of virtual servers also means that you benefit from a significantly simplified scalability of the storage media. Also, you have a completely safe test environment for web design or programming. Finally, workflows become highly flexible as machine-independent systems are now deployed that can move to other computers without complications.

Your business will become leaner, more powerful, and more competitive as you take advantage of server virtualization. Contact us now if you would like to know more: We are happy to take time for you!

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