Verification of your IT infrastructure

How important the central IT system of a company is, is often first noticed when it no longer works.

Net Professionals is specialized in consulting and managing your entire IT infrastructure. We are happy to provide our know-how from more than 15 years of experience in this area available to your existing IT environment.

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Together the themes to be examined shall be established or excluded.

This would, for example:

Basic security issues

  • IT Security Management (Security Rules, Treatment of confidential data, Rules for the use of mobile devices)
  • Data Backup (Data, Systems, Onsite, Offsite, hold-back time, Interval, Generations, Recovery)
  • Infrastructure Security (Unauthorized access, …)
  • Networking/Internet access/VPN/Wireless
  • Passwords and Encryption
  • Content Security (SPAM Filter, Rules for private Emails, …)
  • Virus Protection/Malware Protection

Organizational topics

  • Role allocation
  • IT-Processes (Creation of User, Activation of external partners, …)

External Serviceprovider

  • e.g. external Hoster/Partner
  • NDA, SLA

Internal Datacenter

  • Equipment (power supply / UPV / emergency power)
  • Fire Protection / Air Conditioner / Alarm
  • Internet/Backbone Connection
  • Entree monitoring
  • Personal (Certifications, Education, …)

IT infrastructure at each location

  • Topology
  • Zonen concept (DMZ, Server, Storage, Management, Client Netz, WLAN, …)
  • Switches
  • Firewalls


Central Storage Devices

Client / Workstations

  • Clientsoftware
  • User und Rolemanagement
  • Management Viren- and Malware Protection
  • Encryption
  • VPN
  • Certifications/Singatures
  • Password-Policy



Staging und revision control

Update und Patch-strategy

Virtualisations concept



Fallback plan

Capacity Management

Extern accessable Services

Used Standard Software

Used Individualsoftware / SW-Development

Protection and control of business-critical data, applications and access data