Citrix – Server Based Computing

Server Based Computing – Citrix

Server-based computing combines the advantages of centralized computing with the most modern graphics-oriented IT jobs.  Applications are not installed on the client PCs, but centrally on a remote server. Users simply call the required programs from a PC system or thin client and they will be able to access enterprise applications, anywhere, on any device, over any network connection.

The advantages of server-based computing include, increased access security and the consolidation of IT resources on centralized systems.  Server-based computing will, for example, ensure that administrative costs are reduced whilst the productivity of IT applications is increased.

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Net Professionals is a Citrix Partner

As a Citrix Silver Partner with a proven track record in successful project delivery, we are the right partner to create and implement a tailor-made, individualized IT infrastructure solution for you. Thus, if you are looking for an individual, tailored solution to your IT infrastructural issues, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss these with you.

Increase IT efficiency

The consolidation and centralization of systems and data speeds up and simplifies the deployment of applications, upgrades and patches, as well as IT management and user support. Within a company it could take months to install and update a system individually on each desktop. However with the Citrix Access Platform this can be achieved within a matter of hours, without effecting the performance or efficiency of the employees.

For IT teams, the platform provides continuous system transparency. A common management interface consolidates the views of the infrastructure into a single dashboard for an entire company. Accordingly, IT teams can see which IT resources are used, how often and to what extent. Administrators can monitor the flow of information across the entire IT environment, measure, examine, evaluate and archive. An overview of service usage helps IT teams weed out unnecessary applications and consolidate servers intelligently. The Citrix Access Platform allows on-demand evaluation with real time measurements of utilization and growth trends. Through the real-time alarm function you can react quickly when usage reaches certain specified thresholds. With the help of the reporting tools, the service costs for payroll, budget setting and monitoring the ROI can be determined.


Increased employee mobility

An increase in mobility is probably the most important factor for improving customer relationships. Health service users require mobile solutions so critical information can be accessed directly at a patient’s bedside. Employees who can access this critical medical data faster, have more time for patients and, as a consequence, the quality of care increases. Companies that safe, simple and immediately deploy their mobile workforce information, improve the working environment of employees, while ensuring higher customer satisfaction.


With the Citrix Access Platform, you can:

Support flexible working with modern teleworking models.

Telework is not just a nice perk that you can offer your employees, it can become a competitive advantage. Salary is not the only consideration for companies when they are considering how to attract and retain employees – companies have to consider the full range of benefits available to them. Flexible working has become an important means of attracting and retaining the best employees within a company. The heads of IT departments must be able to provide access to all teleworkers, provided them with the relevant information required and ensure this access can be acquired anywhere, over any network connection and with on a range of devices. At the same time, they must ensure the security of this information at all costs.


The Citrix Access Platform:

  • Provides better access for mobile users and employees, without compromising security
  • Provides access to files from any device, including mobile devices with small displays
  • Provides access to the full functionality of applications via the Internet and wireless networks
  • Ensures consistently high application performance on any device
  • Closes user sessions not even during a temporary interruption of the network connection