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Set up an advanced company network – for modern companies, this step is inevitable! The communication of the employees, the exchange of data and the common access to hardware and software: A network spanning all workplaces offers numerous possibilities to sustainably optimize the processes in your company. Whether it’s a large corporation or a small SME, the professional cloud services of Net Professionals are a win in any case!

Modern groupware focuses the energies in your company on the central core tasks. Our IT specialists are at your disposal if you wish comprehensive advice on this topic. Contact us now and make an appointment for a first consultation – free of charge, of course.

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Your company network in Vienna – our experts are ready

Set up a corporate network (whether in Vienna or another city in Austria) – for the team of Net Professionals, this job is in any case a routine task. In doing so, we work closely with you to ensure that the groupware you have installed exactly meets your needs. At the beginning there is a comprehensive consulting, where we explore your requirements and the technical possibilities. Is Microsoft Exchange sufficient or is it better to set up a virtual server? Our experienced consultants clarify all relevant aspects with you and come together with you to the optimal solution.

Process optimization through virtual workplaces

An IT network enables your employees to access a common server from all workstations. So they share printers and other hardware, but also shared drives and the folder structures stored thereon. For the internal workflow, such a network environment is ideal.

But you can also go one step further with your company network in Vienna: Simply transfer all work processes to the cloud! Laborious and cost-intensive desktop computers at every workstation are a thing of the past. Instead, your staff works with so-called clients. These smart devices merely connect to the server where the employee’s virtual workspace is stored. All data is thus centrally located on a server. Not only for the administration, this is of great benefit, also your employees benefit from it: Because working from the home office is so easy!

Set up a modern corporate network – have you made this decision, then the Net Professionals GmbH from Wiener Neudorf is your experienced contact!