Server Virtualization

Virtualization is an abstract concept, in which the operating system is separated from the physical hardware which allows for greater flexibility and better utilization of resources.

Through virtualizing servers, you can consolidate your server hardware and exploit the hardware resources optimally through system resources on the specific needs to be assigned. Through centralized administration and monitoring, the virtual server provides you with a simplified management system that can also improve server speed and functionality.




As a VMware partner with years of experience in the implementation of VMware projects, we are the ideal partner for your next VMware project.

Benefit from the experience we have gathered as a provider of Hosted Virtual Server and use Net Professions for your solution.


Your benefits

  • Physical space savings
  • Easy scalability of shared memory media
  • Maintenance requirements considerably lower than in a number of individual systems
  • Secure test environments
  • Machine-independent systems that you can easily relocate to other computers
  • Increasing competitiveness through a flexible server solution

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