Hosted Virtual Server - Price calculator

Calculate your monthly costs for your virtual server and let us advise you!

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Virtual Server - top network technology from Vienna

Web hosting tailored to your needs, flexible, highly available, from the root servers to the Full-Managed System

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Hosted Exchange

All the advantages of your own Exchange infrastructure without the acquisition and operating costs. How does it work? Very easily...

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Webhosting in Austria, Vienna

Web hosting to your taste, with professional support in Austria, failsafe, scalable, customizable, incl. Backup, that's for sure!

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Cloud Backup

Your data is valuable to you? A External fuse offers many advantages and is using modern technologies, easy and safe way possible.

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Hosted Sharepoint

Access to shared documents, files and projects to improve the teamwork in your company. We will gladly to help you!

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Hosted Lotus Notes / Domino

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Advanced Cloud Services – Net Professionals – Location Vienna

A smart IT infrastructure makes your company fit for the future: Use our professional cloud services for effective process optimization. Net Professionals is your experienced IT service provider – our high performance servers in Vienna and Wiener Neudorf are ready!

The use of state-of-the-art groupware allows you and your employees to focus all their energy on the core tasks of your company: For example, use Microsoft Exchange to centrally store emails, tasks, contacts and other data on a server. Of course, you always have the option of making certain datasets available only to selected people. By implementing a hosted sharepoint, you can further optimize workflows: With this cloud service, you have the option to save text, image and sound files as well as entire projects on a shared server – revolutionizing the teamwork in your company!

Online Backup or Virtual Server: Which cloud service do you want to use?

A cloud service that we recommend to each of our customers is to set up a cloud backup. All your company’s data is stored on an external server via a secure connection. If your company’s data is damaged or destroyed by fire, flood or a hacker attack, you will have a continuously updated copy in the back of your hand. The backup server is physically separate from your office and superbly protected – against both virtual and physical threats. Bring your data to safety!

Other cloud services in our portfolio are the creation of an individual virtual server and, of course, the classic web hosting, ie the provision of web space and the storage of web pages.

Personal advice and support – Net Professionals

The use of our cloud services offers you and your company various advantages: Not only does this make your IT infrastructure safer, but it also makes maintenance and support significantly easier and thus more cost-effective. Contact us now and arrange a free first consultation with one of our consultants – we will inform you comprehensively!

As a customer of Net Professionals, you will always enjoy personal support from a permanent contact person – that is our standard! IT services, software development and cloud services “state often the art”, this is what Net Professionals GmbH, your experienced IT service provider, stands for in Vienna.